Tutu the Tortoise

Tutu was a tortoise.

He was feeling fed up. Fed up of looking plain and dull. Fed up of being ordinary. Fed up of doing ordinary things.
He needed a change.

He left his home and set out excitedly to find a new one. What an adventure!

As he bounded up the beach he came across a branch of seaweed – a perfect new home?


He tried the seaweed on for size. It felt different, good different. He frolicked around this way and that, admiring his funky new number.

That night when he slept the rain fell. Tutu got wetter and wetter under his very holy, now quite slimey, and not very weatherproof new home.

The next morning he left in search of something better.
As he skipped up the beach he came across a giant clam shell – a perfect new home?


‘Oh so pretty’ he thought. ‘And definitely weatherproof.’ He tried it on for size.
He leaped up to do a celebratory jig, but as soon as he gave a little wiggle, it slipped right off.
And when he tried to sleep under it… well, weatherproof it may be, but comfortable it was not. The heavy shell squashed him all night long and when he woke he had a crick in his neck.

The next morning he left in search of something better.
As he scampered up the beach he came across a, sadly more common than they should be in nature, carrier bag – a perfect new home?


‘A cape!’ He thought. ‘That looks comfortable.’
As he began to channel his inner-superhero he realised it even made an awesome crinkly noise creating a soundtrack to his activities.

But that night when he was trying to sleep, the crinkly noise didn’t sound so awesome.

Very tired the next morning, he set off, happy to be rid of the noisy carrier bag.
After 3 bad nights he just wanted somewhere warm and cosy and snug to sleep.


He rounded the next corner and he came across, his shell. His ordinary, plain old, dull, dry, warm, cosy, perfectly fitting, home.
He climbed right in and was asleep before before he could say ‘Happi-‘.



Author: B

I am B. A creature who loves to dive into the depths of creativity. Normally dwells in and around the home. Often occupied by orchestrating family life. Occasionally, joyfully, left alone to roam the recesses of her own mind and the wonders of collective wisdom and inspiration of the universe.

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    1. Thanks lovely. Yes illustrations were made in illustrator, based on concept sketches. I really enjoyed creating this one, glad to know you enjoyed it too!

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