Will you nap?

There was a place, there was a time, where place and time had no meaning.
There was a time you beamed a smile, during your quiet and peaceful dreaming.

I love those times, the peace and quiet
A time to unwind my mind
And lay it all bare, from hope to despair,
And ask for healing and grace to be kind.

Because self-compassion is key to accepting it all.
To living a wonderful life,
That along with kindness to others,
The tenants of a true and wonderful wife.

So why do I sit here, unshevelled, unkempt,
Twisted by my own inner turmoil?
A bitter seed has been sown inside,
And it’s intoxicating my soul gardens soil.

I toil and graft to tend to my plot,
and serve the family with devotion.
To cultivate patience and unconditional love,
and not get overrun by emotion.

And gradually I increase my capacity for calm,
And become little by little more en-peacened.
The effort is worth it and begins to pay off,
when connection to you and myself is deepened.

And so my love, when you fall asleep,
This time is as precious as any.
An essential time to recharge our batteries,
Is worth absolutely every penny.

Brexit Poem

Brexit –
Wrecked it.
Deceit and lies,
Wins the prize.

General confusion,
Mass dissolution.
Emotional voting,
After manipulative promoting.

The air is heavy with regret right now,
Even the brexiteers seem to want to disavow.
As a nation we spoke but not with one voice,
As a nation we now have to live with the majority choice.

The subject of the EU is so vast, so complex,
Overly simplified for the masses to digest.
But how can we make informed decisions,
When information is presented through such skewed visions.

We’re pawns in a game of political gains,
Using aggressive scaremongering political campaigns.
How can it be right that we’ve allowed this to unfold?
We don’t like to think, just do what we’re told.

How important is it then that our leaders are truthful?
That the facts are presented in a way that is useful?
For democracy to work we need to empower our people,
Not feed them propaganda which is highly deceitful.

I feel like I’m watching the crash of a nation,
A story where I have no power over the narration.
I just have to observeĀ as we are stripped right back,
And reinstituted by the tyrants who led the attack.

I fear more troublesome times are ahead,
Where division and xenophobia are regrettably widespread.
We will certainly experience short term pain,
And I can’t see that resulting in any long term gain.

But – it is our responsibility, to create what we want,
Note to self: it is not acceptable to remain nonchalant.
So from here on in – and this is my resolve,
I will engage in debate and action to help our society evolve.