Tutu the Tortoise

Tutu was a tortoise.

He was feeling fed up. Fed up of looking plain and dull. Fed up of being ordinary. Fed up of doing ordinary things.
He needed a change.

He left his home and set out excitedly to find a new one. What an adventure!

As he bounded up the beach he came across a branch of seaweed – a perfect new home?


He tried the seaweed on for size. It felt different, good different. He frolicked around this way and that, admiring his funky new number.

That night when he slept the rain fell. Tutu got wetter and wetter under his very holy, now quite slimey, and not very weatherproof new home.

The next morning he left in search of something better.
As he skipped up the beach he came across a giant clam shell – a perfect new home?


‘Oh so pretty’ he thought. ‘And definitely weatherproof.’ He tried it on for size.
He leaped up to do a celebratory jig, but as soon as he gave a little wiggle, it slipped right off.
And when he tried to sleep under it… well, weatherproof it may be, but comfortable it was not. The heavy shell squashed him all night long and when he woke he had a crick in his neck.

The next morning he left in search of something better.
As he scampered up the beach he came across a, sadly more common than they should be in nature, carrier bag – a perfect new home?


‘A cape!’ He thought. ‘That looks comfortable.’
As he began to channel his inner-superhero he realised it even made an awesome crinkly noise creating a soundtrack to his activities.

But that night when he was trying to sleep, the crinkly noise didn’t sound so awesome.

Very tired the next morning, he set off, happy to be rid of the noisy carrier bag.
After 3 bad nights he just wanted somewhere warm and cosy and snug to sleep.


He rounded the next corner and he came across, his shell. His ordinary, plain old, dull, dry, warm, cosy, perfectly fitting, home.
He climbed right in and was asleep before before he could say ‘Happi-‘.



The Ninja Dual

Bosh was a ninja, the badest ninja in the land,
Generally he was helpful but his bravado was a little out of hand.
He was sure he was the best and most skillful of the lot,
But one day that all changed, and like it – he did not!
Ninja Ting arrived in town, with skills that rivalled his.
She was fresh and sharp, pretty and fast, and evidently quite a whizz.
Bosh felt unhappy about this like his toes were being squashed,
He challenged Ting to a ninja dual and prepared to win at any cost.
The dual was planned, the course was set, a race to the top of a rocky outcrop,
First to sound the finishing horn would own the town, from valley to hilltop.
The first of three challenges required parkour skill,
Crossing the rapids onto the opposite hill,
Hopping a series of small stepping stones
Which stones were solid? To Ting they were unknown.
She was nervous, of course, it was easy to tell,
But Bosh was at home here, he knew it well.
As he jumped across, Ting followed his trail.
By copying Bosh, Ting wouldn’t fail.
The second challenge was to spider climb the ravine,
Bosh loved this task and was like a climbing machine.
Shimmying up the rock a little behind
Ting was coming strong in a good frame of mind.
Nearing the top Bosh let out a yelp,
All he could think was he needed some help!
He had misplaced his hand and a spike went right through,
That was not a move he could undo.
How could he possibly win at all now?
All his dreams shattered with one howl.
But wait, here comes his opponent Ting
Is she going to help him complete this thing?
She steadies her legs and takes a strong stance,
And helps Bosh up to the ridge to advance,
Up to the top and over with a flip,
Bosh is back on his feet in a jiff.
“Are you ok? Can you carry on?” Ting asked
“Of course” said Bosh, “and I won’t be coming last!”
And so they raced on to the final part of the course,
Even with an injured hand Bosh was a competative force.
The third challenge was to cross the canyon drop,
Balancing on a branch – don’t look down, don’t stop!
Bosh jumped on first and got a good start,
There’s no doubt that this was the most scary part.
Ting carefully approached and shuffled on tentatively,
She wobbled a little as she balanced precariously,
But suddenly the branch juddered out of its place,
A big worried grimace crossed over Tings face,
If the branch continued to move any more,
She would surely end up in a heap on the floor.
Her horror was broken with a great big thud,
Another branch landed, wedged well in the mud,
Bosh had paused to help her safely across,
When he’d thought about losing her, he couldn’t stand the loss.
She scrambled to safety, both back on dry land,
There was no rush now, they walked hand in hand,
Smiles on their faces, up the final hill
To sound the horns, together in good will.
Their harmonies bought peace to the village and themselves.
Bosh realised you can’t always keep things all for yourself.
Competition is ok in very small doses
But it’s better to experience the joy of real closeness.
Together to this day they ninja throughout the land,
Happy to recruit equals into their team of ninja band.